Learn Pamoja is a resource center for students in Kenya. Our goal is to provide a safe space equipped with books, the internet, and computers for our students and other community members. We also run mentorship and tutoring programs.

We aim to provide computers and the internet for use with the students who would otherwise not have access to these resources. This promotes our goal of advancing research and innovation in Kenya.

We connect students with tutors who will help them with their school work and other studies.

We also connect students with mentors who provide counsel and guidance to the students on education, career paths, and entrepreneurship.

The students we serve face a lot of challenges as they pursue their education.The challenges range from lack of a conducive study environment to lack of the internet and computers to lack of tutors and mentors.

Learn Pamoja is committed to supporting students with resources that will not only help them do well in their education, but also support them as they innovate and research.

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Books & Computers

Our goal is to:

(i) have a variety of books for each subject the students need,

(ii) have a variety of non-academic books to motivate students, and

(iii) provide computers with internet access.


This program supports students preparing for the Kenya national exams(KCPE & KCSE) by providing them with tutors for their different subjects.


This program matches students with mentors who keep track of their personal, extracurricular, and academic progress.

This program also provides guidance to High School students who are preparing to join college.


We accept donations of books and computers.

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Become a Tutor

Anyone who has successfully completed their high school education can apply to be a tutor.

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Become a Mentor

Support our students by taking part in our mentorship program.

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Become a Student

We welcome students in primary and secondary school.

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Your conytribution will go a long way in supporting our programs and ensuring that we best support our students.

We are currently accepting donations for the following:

  • Constructing a building to operate from
  • Purchasing computers
  • Purchasing books
  • Purchasing other learning materials
  • Starting a revenue generating project for sustaining the organization

You can choose to donate to one or multiple of the projects.